Single Family Homes for Sale in Clark, NJ

Whether you are a homeowner looking to list your property for sale or an investor looking for a profitable opportunity or a buyer searching for single family homes for sale in Clark, NJ, we have the extensive experience to handle all your needs. Our licensed real estate professionals bring a thorough knowledge of the area and access to a comprehensive list of properties, and they will guide you through the entire process, from research to a successful sales transaction. We serve Clark and all the nearby surrounding areas within a 20-minute radius.

About the Area

Clark has been featured at various rankings during multiple years in “Best Places To Live” in New Jersey by New Jersey Monthly and Business Week. The township has been carefully zoned to protect a tranquil feel of the residential areas while maintaining proximity to commercial and cultural centers. The median home value in Clark is $424,100, higher than the state value of $318,300. Home values have seen a rise of 5.3 percent during the last year, and they are expected to go up further.

State of the Housing Supply and Market

According to the census, the rate of owner-occupied housing units in Clark during the period of 2012-2016 was at 78.4 percent. The median household income in the township during the same period was $84,897, much higher than the national figure of $55,322. The median gross rent for Clark was recorded at $1,334, which is higher than the state value of $1,213. The housing supply is a mix of the following:

• Old and new construction single-family houses
• Townhomes
• Apartments
• Luxury homes and condos

Resources for Sellers

Multiple factors affect the sale and selling price of a property, apart from the prime — location. Depending on whether it is the seller’s market or the buyer’s, besides property condition and underlying issues, a home sale may take anywhere from four weeks to a few months, or even more than a year during unusual circumstances. Use our How To Sell tool and learn how we can provide maximum exposure for your property to receive the highest price during the quickest timeframe.

Our Tools and Services

Our Homes How To tools offer step-by-step guidance to sellers, purchasers and mortgage seekers. Begin browsing through our listings for single family homes for sale in Clark, NJ. You can connect with one of our real estate brokers online or via phone to list and sell your property.

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